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Refill pack - Anise salt spray - wild boar, roe deer, red deer and fallow deer game attractant

Refill pack - Anise salt spray - wild boar, roe deer, red deer and fallow deer game attractant

Supplementary feed for hoofed game

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  • 2 in 1 for wildboar and all cloven-hoofed game
  • For applying to a peeled log and the feed
  • Refill pack
  • 2 in 1 for the salt lick and the food
  • Aniseed odour which ensures that the game finds your feeding place more quickly
  • Important minerals that the game needs especially in the change of hair
  • 3000ml
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Salt spray anise for wild boar and all cloven-hoofed game

The Schwarzwaldwässerle salt spray contains mineral salt and trace elements that are important for game. It can be used for hunting wild boar, roe deer, red deer and fallow deer.
The salt spray contains additional aromatic substances to attract game to the salt lick and bind it to the lick for the long term, ensuring that the game finds the salt lick and quickly accepts it. By applying the aromatic substances directly to the trunk of the salt lick and spreading them over a large area, they penetrate deep into the wood.

In our YouTube video you can see how wild boars gnaw away at the salt lick.

Our salt spray contains a special color that is harmless to game to make it easier to identify (during dry spells in summer) how much the salt lick has been accepted. This is absorbed by the game, making it clear whether and how often the salt lick has been accepted.

Special features:

  • 2 in 1 for all types of game, including wild boar
  • Makes the salt lick immediately ready for use!
  • Color that indicates whether and how strongly your salt lick has been accepted (best coloring for newly created salt licks)
  • Anise scent that helps wildlife find the salt lick faster
  • Important minerals that wildlife needs, especially during molting
  • 3000ml

Feeding recommendation
Spray onto the salt lick. Depending on size, 10-20 sprays. Mix into the feed, approx. 5 sprays per liter. Check regularly.

Sodium chloride 0.4%, crude lecithins, beetroot juice, milk thistle fruit, birch leaves, nettle, dandelion leaves, dandelion root

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 0.3%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude tetras 0.3%, crude ash 4.1%, sodium 1.6%, lysine 0.2%, methionine 0.2% - moisture content 96%

We always take our salt spray with us on every hunt to refresh the salt licks regularly (regular use ensures maximum hunting success). Depending on the size of the trunk, 10 - 20 sprays are sufficient. For newly created salt licks, please apply more and more, always wetting everything once with attractant.

Now also in refill pack

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