"Wild und Hund" - lure test biggest Europe's biggest hunting magazine

Without our knowledge, we were tested by the best-known hunting magazine, Wild und Hund. This was carried out by Mr Peter Schmitt. The complete lure test can be read in the issue 3/2023 on page 57.

The following points were taken into account in the test of our lures:

  • First impression
  • Handling
  • Practice
  • Price/Performance

From the above points, an overall grade was formed for our lures at the end. As a result, we received the best possible grade: "very good".

Quote Peter Schmitt - Wild und Hund Article

"Fox, beech marten, raccoon and wild boar were photographed at the bait sites. The photographs show active interest in all game species in the form of direct movement over the attraction site. [...] the agent was tested pure in these cases. [...] However, an effect is undisputed in this case.

You can find our lures here:

Made according to a 135-year-old family recipe*