Our history

We, the Schwarzwaldwässerle team, are Markus (26 years a hunter) and Max, my son, also a hunter. Hunting has been a tradition in our family for well over 100 years. My great-great-grandfather Heinrich Nebelin (see picture), who was employed as a game master on a large estate, developed the rumen and fish attractant, according to the tradition passed down by my great-grandfather and father (all hunters). The recipe was passed on from generation to generation and has always ensured hunting success in our family.

In times of the world economic crisis, my grandfather got his entire family through the difficult times by using the lures and the associated trap hunting as well as selling the bellows. Hunting friends who occasionally got our rumen and fish lures also told us again and again about great successes. As a joke, they often said that we should offer the attractant to all hunters.

My son Max (actually a programmer and web developer by profession) created a website just for fun, so that we could offer the lure to all hunters. Our first customers were and are enthusiastic about our lure, which of course pleased us very much and so we decided to continue offering the lure online.

Surprising for us was that game, which does not occur at all in our area, also likes our attractants. We have been told time and again that raccoons and nutria fall into the trap and that wild boar were literally taken apart in box traps that were equipped with rumen or fish attractant. This has prompted us to use it specifically on wild boar and with great success. See for yourself 🙂

Our lures

Made according to a 135-year-old family recipe