• Quote: "Wild und Hund" Magazine - Europe's biggest hunting magazine

    "At the bait sites, foxes, stone martens, raccoons, and wild boars were photographed. The recordings provide evidence of active interest from all types of wildlife, manifested in direct investigation of the bait site. [...] the substance was tested undiluted in these cases. [...] The effectiveness is unquestionable in this scenario."

    Rated "very good"

  • Quote: "Jäger Magazin" - one of the biggest german hunting magazines

    "The effectiveness was consistently very good throughout the entire testing period, especially predatory wildlife, but also wild boars, showed a very regular interest in the attractant. We were able to significantly improve our fox and raccoon yields at the prepared locations."

    Clear test winner of all attractants

  • Quote: WIR JAGEN.DE - German online magazine

    "I can recommend the products without a doubt [...] For me, the whole package fits here: tradition, natural and own production (no chemical additives), [...] customer proximity with direct marketing, transparency, price and quality and what is of course the most important thing with attractants, very good effectiveness in the attractiveness with the different game species."

This is why lures are 100% success enhancing

Wouldn't you go after the smell of a steak if you only got peas every day? We think the answer to this question is clear. The unusual smell that our attractants bring to your feeding area attracts game.
By creating new stimuli with the help of our game attractants for wild boar, roe deer and predators, you give your feeding area new appeal and thus create new incentives for the game to bind it to your feeding area. See for yourself and order a bottle of our attractant and you will be 100% delighted with the smell.
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  • Highly concentrated

    Our attractants are highly concentrated with a unique smell

  • Setting new impulses

    Set new impulses with new scent

  • Unique

    Stand out from the neighbouring hunting grounds and tie the game to your feeding area.

135 - year old family recipe

The secret recipe of Schwarzwaldwässerle attractant for predatory game and wild boar is based on a recipe that has been passed down through generations and has been used successfully for hunting for 100 years.

Natural ingredients

The use of exclusively natural ingredients is the recipe for the successful use of attractants in nature.

Our lures

for wild boar, roe deer and predatory game. Made according to a 135-year-old family recipe.

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Our attractants have been tested by "Wild und Hund" magazine

Without our knowledge, we were tested by Europe's largest hunting magazine, "Wild und Hund". Our attractants were tested according to 5 criteria and received the overall grade "very good".

Quote - Peter Schmitt Wild und Hund Article

"Fox, beech marten, raccoon and wild boar were photographed at the bait sites. The photographs show active interest in all game species in the form of direct movement over the attraction site. [...] the agent was tested pure in these cases. [...] However, an effect is undisputed in this case."

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Made according to a 135-year-old family recipe*